Maintaining Your Lawn in Extreme Heat: Here’s What to Do

For Southerners, excessive summer heat rolls around each year as no surprise. If your lawn has warm season turf, then your grass also is prepared to take that excessive 90-degree heat plus some; however, just like you have limits in hot weather, so does your lawn. Here’s what you can do while maintaining your lawn in extreme heat to avoid potential damage.

Watering your lawn

If your first instinct for maintaining your lawn in extreme heat is to water more, than you may need to slow down. Consider these lawn watering principles:

In a drought: Lawn maintenance during a drought should consider drought-oriented city ordinances, which may limit water use for landscaping needs. Use water sparingly by focusing on high-priority plants, like newly planted trees. Most grass species can survive stress from drought if the soil is properly managed for a healthy root system, meaning you can cut in half the amount of water you ordinarily use for watering.

Additionally, brown grass is not dead. It may look ugly, but for the sake of water conservation, you may need to tolerate a browned lawn. The next time it rains, brown grass will become green again. If you have brown patchy grass, however, your lawn may have become diseased.

Cutting the grass

Maintaining your lawn in extreme heat involves careful mowing, too. Like watering your lawn, you should consider a few principles when mowing the grass:

During a drought: Lawn mowing becomes a little trickier in droughts. These cases of extreme heat cause unfortunate stress on grass, and mowing stressed grass can reduce its capacity to recover. Treat drought-affected grass like you would in any other high-heat situations—cut in the early morning if dew is present and after rainfall or irrigation.

Don’t let that Southern summer hamper your beautiful lawn! With careful consideration to effective watering and mowing methods, maintaining your lawn in extreme heat will be simple and worthwhile!   

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