How to Keep Your Pets Safe While Doing Yard Maintenance

Lawn care with power equipment inherits all the dangers associated with flying debris, fast-spinning blades, and falling material like trees and tree limbs. Pets may naturally avoid the loud equipment or frighteningly fast blades, but you should always err on the side of caution. To prevent trauma and heartache, keep your pets safe while doing yard maintenance using these tips.

Keep pets indoors while irrigating, fertilizing, or using lawnmowers, string trimmers, and other power equipment in your yard.

Due to the toxic nature of most fertilizers and mulch, leaving your pets indoors while applying these processes to your lawn can prevent them from chewing and consuming toxic materials. Additionally, avoid accidentally striking your pet with flying debris while using mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and other power tools around your lawn by putting pets inside during yard work.

Remove debris and rubble, like sizable rocks, toys, sticks, and clothes, from your lawn.

While not recommended, you can leave your pet outside while performing yard maintenance if you scour your yard for loose debris that can go flying while mowing or trimming. Throw away any debris you find; however, since you may miss objects, keep your pets safe while doing yard maintenance by leaving them inside anyway.

Shut off all lawn equipment when not in use.

Turning off the engines of your lawn equipment while not using your tools is advisable in most circumstances, but especially when you have your pets wandering the yard. Shutting down your equipment will prevent a curious nose or stray paw from injury.

Purchase pet-friendly mulch and fertilizer if possible; otherwise, prevent pets from chewing on mulch and fertilizer.

Even after you place mulch and fertilizer, your outdoor pets still need to go outside to do their business. Decrease the chances of an impromptu vet visit by purchasing pet-friendly mulch and fertilizer safe for a pet to minimally consume.

Store hazardous materials, like gas, herbicides, pesticides, and paint in plastic containers or on high shelves or cupboards.

Animals often have a healthy amount of curiosity. This curiosity coupled with the inability to read warning labels means your pets may find themselves snooping around toxic materials. Avoid accidental injury to your pets by safely storing hazardous materials in places unreachable to your pets.

Most of us like to keep our pet companions nearby while we work and play, but you should always use caution while performing yard work. Keep your pets safe while doing yard maintenance and avoid potentially injuring your faithful companions!

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