6 Tips for Reducing Lawn Care Noise Pollution

Unless you live somewhere extremely isolated, escaping unwanted noise can be all but impossible. Unfortunately, constant exposure to noisiness can cause more than hearing problems—it can promote anxiety, sleep loss, migraines, and other health issues. As a homeowner, you can help curtail these issues during your lawn and garden work. Follow these tips for reducing lawn care noise pollution to increase your quality of life and develop positive relationships in the community.

  1. Purchase noise-friendly tools. Electric power tools are increasing competitors in the lawn equipment market. These tools are just as powerful as their gas counterparts, but cleaner and quieter. Investing in electric equipment is an effective way to reduce your noise impact in the community.
  2. Plant shrubbery and trees in your yard. Another way to help with reducing lawn care noise pollution is by planting broad-leafed trees, like evergreens, and thick, tall shrubs around your yard. These plants not only add life to your home, but create a natural noise buffer.
  3. Use lawn equipment after 8 a.m. and before 6 p.m. Have you ever waken up early to the sound of your neighbor mowing his or her lawn? Maybe you’ve settled down in the evening, looking forward to peace and quiet, and heard your neighbor crank up his or her mower. If you want to promote positive relationships within your community, use power tools during the day when most people naturally expect noise or are out working.
  4. Use lawn equipment and power tools for only 15 to 20 minutes a day. If you can help it, don’t spend long hours each day with your lawn equipment. Your ears, hands, and neighbors will thank you.
  5. Communicate with your neighbors. A noisy neighbor can consistently disrupt the peace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to communicate. Many people simply don’t realize they’re causing a problem and will work with you if you’re friendly and respectful—and point out how your neighbor might feel in your shoes.
  6. Attend land use meetings to advocate noise-minimizing site planning. As businesses and housing agencies plan new buildings, you can attend land use meetings to advocate more acoustic constructions. These acoustic methods can range from increased distances between houses to insulated fencing and building material.

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