5 Helpful Tips for Using Your String Trimmer

A lawnmower can’t cut grass in every nook and cranny of your lawn. After mowing, you might notice uncut grass around your garden, fencing, tree trunks, and other obstacles. Perfect a clean cut across all corners of your lawn by following these tips for using your string trimmer.

Tip #1: Find the right string trimmer for you.

A few different string trimmers exist to meet the needs of you and your lawn:

Tip #2: Take safety precautions when using your string trimmer.

Like lawnmowers, string trimmers use a spinning motion to cut grass and thin wooden plants. For example, trimmers cutting in a counter clockwise spin will eject cut debris in a leftward direction.

Acknowledge the direction of your string trimmer’s spin and position yourself appropriately to avoid harmful debris hitting your body, like rock, glass, plastic, or any other small objects that can go flying when hit by the trimmer’s filament line. Additionally, keep children and pets indoors, or otherwise keep them and others on the opposite side of the eject direction.

Tip #3: Take advantage of spin direction when using your string trimmer.

Though you must heed the spin direction of your string trimmer for safety, the spin direction also commands the best use of your string trimmer. Ensure that your string trimmer ejects material away from your cut path to avoid working over piles of cut material, which drastically reduces the efficiency of your tool and encourages an uneven lawn trimming.

Tip #4: Use a cutting technique that fits the circumstance of your yard.

You accomplish a well-trimmed lawn by handling your string trimmer with precision. String trimmers seem clunky at best, but you can use a few different techniques to get that even cut you want. Mark Clement from Popular Mechanics suggests these methods:

Tip #5: Take care of your string trimmer.

Not unlike other tools, maintaining your string trimmer will keep it operable for years to come. After every use, wipe off grass and dirt debris from the line or replace it when necessary. String replacement is common, especially if you are using your string trimmer frequently. For gas-powered string trimmers, replace the spark plug every three to four months. Finally, empty the gas tank of the trimmer before long-term storage.

If you buy the right string trimmer for your needs, keep it properly maintained, and remember cutting direction for safety and a good cut, you’ll be using your string trimmer like a pro in no time.

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