4 Chainsaw Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Working with chainsaws can be a dangerous job, and operators should use protective clothing and practice safe procedures. The toothed, rotating chain used to fell trees can cause lacerations—the most common chainsaw injury—when the equipment is used improperly. These chainsaw safety tips can help you avoid needless injury whether on the job or private property.

Tip #1: Use protective equipment.

Some chainsaws come equipped with fail safes like a chain brake, which activates during kickback, and a tip protector, which reduces kickback. Additionally, chainsaw manufacturers must design sharp chains with proper teeth depth. Depth gauges that are too low lead to difficulty controlling the machine and increased risk of kickback. Here are some other chainsaw safety features:

You cannot rely on built-in safety equipment alone. Some personal protective equipment that you can wear includes:

Tip #2: Fuel the saw safely.

Chainsaw safety protocol should also be implemented when refueling. When refueling your chainsaw, heed the following:

Tip #3: Operate chainsaw correctly.

While using a chainsaw, you should practice safe handling. Safety equipment on both your body and the saw only goes so far when an operator acts carelessly. While you’re using the chainsaw, follow these chainsaw safety tips:

Tip #4: Pay attention to chainsaw training for effective operation.

Cutting down trees require a certain level of training that will minimize injury from chainsaws and falling trees. While felling trees, follow all work procedures and OSHA requirements for the safety of yourself and your coworkers. Pay attention to the tree lean, which will affect felling direction. If you need to control the fall of a tree against its natural felling direction, use proper equipment and confirm your training; otherwise, the best action is to allow the tree to fall where it wants.

If you are using a chainsaw for personal use, take a training course in case you are unfamiliar with safe chainsaw procedures. Additionally, you can regularly check your equipment and update any features when necessary. If you follow these chainsaw safety tips, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of injury while operating a potentially dangerous machine!

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